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Pride Amsterdam

Pride Amsterdam is also popularly referred to as Gay Pride. Because it no longer does justice to the variety of the participants, the term “Gay” has been removed from the original name. There are about 300 events in Amsterdam during the Pride, culminating in the Canal Parade.

Spectacular Canal Parade 2022

Pride Amsterdam 2022 takes place from 30 July to 7 August lasts 9 days. There is a lot going on in the city. Theatre, dance, comedy, performances and of course on Saturday 6 August the Canal Parade. During this boat parade through the Amsterdam canals you will see about 80 beautifully decorated boats passing by. The people on those boats are spectacularly dressed and a huge crowd watches the festive event from the side.

A View from the water

It is also possible to float in the canals with a boat, so you can watch the Canal Parade up close. For this you need an expensive vignette and a temporary membership. For boats that do not have these, the area is hermetically sealed off.


LGBTIQ+ is one of the names of the community. LGBTIQAPC is also an example of this, but not everyone agrees with “categorizing” people. Some groups are left out if you use a limited number of letters. The + indicates that there are many forms, which may not always be named or mentioned and the intention is precisely not to exclude anyone.

Meaning of the letters

But what do all those letters actually mean? There is of course a lot to say about each term, but here’s a simple explanation:

Lesbian: a woman who likes women in a romantic/sexual way
Homosexual: a man who likes men romantic/sexual way
Bisexual: a person who likes both men and women romantic/sexual way
Transgender: a person who does not identify with the gender they were born with
Intersex Condition: an inborn condition, where the gender is different from what is considered the norm for a man or woman.
Queer: a person who does not want to be pigeonholed in terms of sexual preference.
Asexual: a person who is not sexually attracted to anyone
Pansexual: a person who is attracted to the personality or character of the other person, regardless of gender identity.
Cisgender: a person whose gender identity matches the birth sex.

Watch Canal Parade with Floating Amsterdam

Floating Amsterdam offers you the opportunity to experience the Canal Parade 2022 up close. Our boats can each offer 40 people the day of their lives. We will start in the morning and sail from Central Station to the area where we will be moored and then the party can begin. The entire event will take approximately 7 hours.

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Canal Parade
Koningsdag Amsterdam op een boot
Parade Amsterdam

Testimonial Foto

Rondvaart Amsterdam

Super leuke rondvaart goede prijs klasse, geweldige sfeer, top bemanning en de wijn is heerlijk! Lees verder »

Juni 2019

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Superleuke tocht door Amsterdam

We hebben afgelopen januari heel erg genoten van onze boottocht samen met Jelmer en Jim. We hadden de tocht tijdens Amsterdam Light Festival en de jongens vertelde veel leuke dingen over de stad… Lees verder »

Januari 2019

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Valentijn om nooit meer te vergeten!

Zalige rondvaart met lekkere hapjes en leuke verhalen over de stad. Een Echte aanrader. Jim en René doen dit met passie en plezier. Meer beoordelingen »

Vanessa V
14 februari 2019

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Moederdag VIP Ticket

39,50 p.p.
Kinderen 5 – 12 € 25,95
Inbegrepen bij dit arrangement:

  • 60 a75 minuten varen
  • WIFI aan boord
  • Incl. schipper & hostess
  • Elektrisch verwarmde dekens
  • Cabriokap bij slecht weer

  • Champagne
  • Onbeperkt drinken
  • Zoetwaren
  • Mini-sandwiches
  • Snacks