The Grand Amsterdam & canal cruise

The Grand Amsterdam is a leading luxurious 5-star hotel, which has transformed its courtyard into The Grand Beach, including a sandy beach. Until September 13 you can have dinner here in combination with a relaxed cruise through Amsterdam with AIX rosé.

Unforgettable Canal Tours

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam is a unique, historic hotel with excellent food. Do you want to enjoy the summer in luxury? Book a package that consists of good food on the beach of The Grand Beach and an hour-long Amsterdam canal cruise while you enjoy AIX rosé.

The Grand Amsterdam hotel canal cruise

The Grand Amsterdam hotel has a unique collaboration with Floating Amsterdam and AIX. Enjoy lunch or dinner and float through the canals of Amsterdam in a luxurious open sloop. All this including the highly appreciated, fresh tasting AIX rosé.

The Grand Beach

The Grand Beach is in fact the courtyard of hotel The Grand Amsterdam. Until September 13th, 2020 it has been transformed in a real sandy beach with lounge chairs and palm trees. The ultimate holiday feeling from the South of France right in the middle of Amsterdam. You can order your food and drinks with your smartphone, after which your order will be brought to your table.

Canal Cruise Amsterdam

The best canal cruise in Amsterdam is of course experienced in a silent open boat. Our electric boats are equipped with lounge cushions and a nice bar in the middle. The crew ensures that you have everything you need, so that you can enjoy your cruise to the fullest. Before or after your dinner at The Grand Beach of The Grand Amsterdam you can experience the summer atmosphere in luxury.

Route of the Amsterdam canal cruise

The Amsterdam canal cruise route takes you along all the highlights of the capital. For example, you can see the dancing houses, the Skinny Bridge, NEMO and the seven bridges. There is actually too much to mention. Better just experience it with a glass of AIX rosé in hand. You start the Amsterdam canal cruise at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 30a. That is also where the tour ends, but as with everything in life, it is not about the destination, it’s about the journey!

Personal approach

We like a personal approach. You are our guest and we will treat you that way. The captain tells you live about everything you see along the way and he will have a nice chat with you. Feel free to ask him what you want to know about Amsterdam, because he likes to tell you about it. Isn’t that much more fun than a recorded audio tape?

More about the Amsterdam canal cruise

You float in an open boat, but of course it’s still Holland so it might rain every now and then. Don’t worry, our boats have a convertible top that can be set up in minutes. This way you can also enjoy a luxurious cruise through Amsterdam in bad weather.

  • Luxury Private Boat Tour
  • AIX Rosé
  • Max 25 people per sloop
  • Convertible top in bad weather
  • Skipper

History Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam is not just any hotel. The Grand Amsterdam is 1 of the 5 Sofitel Legend hotels spread around the world. A rich, centuries-old history makes this hotel very special.

From monastery to hotel

The Grand Amsterdam was built in 1411. At that time two monasteries were established: the St. Catherine’s Monastery and the Ceciliën Monastery. In 1578 monasteries were taken as city property and the Ceciliën Monastery became a guest house for high-ranking guests, named Princen en Groote Heeren, which later became Princenhof. In 1674, the guest house was no longer necessary, because Amsterdam had built a new guesthouse, called Oudezijds Herenlogement. From that moment on, the building was used as a town hall.

Entrance The Grand Amsterdam

In 1655 the Admiralty took over the entire building and built a connection between St. Catherine ‘s Monastery and the Ceciliën Monastery. The façade of this impressive main building is now the entrance to Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam.

Emperor Napoleon & King of Holland Louis

The Netherlands was occupied by the French in 1806. Emperor Napoleon appointed his brother Louis King of Holland. In 1808, Louis claimed the new town hall on Dam Square, to be used as a Royal Palace, which forced the town hall to be moved back to the Princenhof. After this, this location remained the town hall for another 180 years.

The Grand Amsterdam and the evolution of art

The Grand Amsterdam has also played a role in the evolution of art in Amsterdam. In 1949 Karel Appel was commissioned to make a mural in the town hall. His art was a completely different style from that of Chris Lebeau, who made the mural in the Wedding Room. The murals of both artists are considered priceless art treasures of Amsterdam. When a new town hall was inaugurated in 1987, the city council passed a resolution declaring the priceless cultural treasures inviolable.

Contemporary Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

Ultimately, the historic building was converted into hotel Sofitel The Grand Amsterdam. The building has been extensively renovated and restored. The atmosphere of the historic Princenhof was preserved. The walls are decorated with portraits of the Dutch nobility and reproductions of Dutch and French coats of arms.

The Grand Beach Inside

Costs package deal

Lunch & canal cruise Amsterdam for two including:

Three course lunch on The Grand Beach + 1 hour canal cruise, including AIX rosé
Costs Monday – Friday: € 250,00
Costs Saturday & Sunday: € 350,00
Additional costs per extra person: € 75,00

Dinner & canal cruise Amsterdam for two including:

Three course dinner at The Grand Beach + 1 hour canal cruise, including AIX rosé
Costs Monday – Friday: € 350,00

Costs Saturday & Sunday: € 425,00
Additional cost per extra person: € 125,00


Do you have any questions about this very luxurious, summery package of a canal cruise in Amsterdam and having dinner or lunch at The Grand Beach with AIX rosé? Then please contact us. We will be happy to answer them!

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Eric and Yari were fabulous hosts and were both informative and very funny. Loved it. The hour flew by! Worth every penny for a more personable fun experience! More reviews »

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April 2019

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Just Perfect

What a beautiful trip around the canals of Amsterdam drinking a nice bottle of Rose. Chanise and the pilot (sorry I didn’t ask you’re name) were very informative and I have a few restaurants and bars to visit… Read more »

Februari 2019

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