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De Prael Canal Cruise Amsterdam

De Prael Amsterdam is a famous name in the city. That is one of the many reasons why we are so proud of this partnership. On the Prael Boat you can taste different home-brewed beers, while you cruise in luxury through the Amsterdam canals. As our guest you will be well taken care of. So the only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy.

Canal Cruise with De Prael Amsterdam beer

If you’re a beer lover you really should try this tour. De Prael’s craft beer is a very special beer. The best part is that you can enjoy a cruise through the canals of Amsterdam while drinking these beers. The captain will tell you the ins & outs of the city on a luxurious private tour boat.

The Prael Boat

De Prael’s brewery/shop can be found at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 30a. Our departure location is also right outside the door. You will leave from here with your group and make an unforgettable private canal cruise through Amsterdam. Let’s find an arrangement together that suits you and your friends. Call or email us to see what’s possible.

Can a boat have two captains?

In a way … yes! You can choose where you want to float, as long as it is possible. Our captain can help you with that. He can also determine a route himself if you don’t care much. From De Prael Amsterdam you cruise through the beautiful canals of our capital. You can also make an evening trip. Evenings in Amsterdam have a completely different atmosphere.

What am I looking at?

Everything you see along the way is appointed live by our captain. He knows a lot about the city … and we mean a lot! Provided with some Amsterdam humor, he will tell you in scents and colors what you did not know about the city. You don’t like that? No problem! You can also choose not to receive an explanation and just relax with your group. Don’t worry, he will not take it personally.

A luxurious experience

With a nicely laid-out bar in the middle and relaxed lounge cushions, our open boat offers you the ultimate luxury. Our boats are clean and tidy, so you don’t have to be sitting in someone else’s mess. Our crew will take good care of you, because you are our special guest. You will notice that from the first contact. See for yourself and call or email us.

  • Private tour on a luxurious, open boat
  • Special De Prael’s craft beer
  • WiFi on board
  • Max. 15 people per boat
  • Convertible roof in case of bad weather
  • Captain and hostess

De Prael Amsterdam

De Prael Amsterdam brews the craft beers in a unique and artisanal way that many citizens of Amsterdam and people from outside enjoy. From the first refreshing sip you will experience that relaxed feeling. What makes De Prael beer so unique?

The building in the Red Light District

In the past, the building where De Prael Amsterdam is located was an auction house and car workshop. Around 1300 there was a beer quay and the beer was brought from Germany in wooden ships. The very first breweries in Amsterdam originated here.

History of De Prael

The brewery was established in 2002 just outside the center. At that time it was called De Parel (Pearl) brewery, but since there was already a beer with that name, the anagram “De Prael” was chosen. You pronounce it as “De Pral”. The brewery moved to Oudezijds Voorburgwal 30a in 2008 and has been an integral part of Amsterdam ever since.

Echt Amsterdams (truly Amsterdam) label

De Prael Brewery connects and improves initiatives that are dedicated to the city in a special way. It is the very first “Echt Amsterdams” recognized initiative and therefore has the “Echt Amsterdams” label. So that’s one more reason to drink this beer on our canal cruise.

Everyone to his taste

De Prael Amsterdam beers each have a unique taste. For example, we have Bitterblond on board. It is a neutral, yet firm structured 5.7% German-style beer. The Tettnang hop in this beer gives a light citrus flavor at the end. Or how about Weizen? This 5.4% wheat beer is very mild and fruity. There is a hint of banana and cloves in the spicy scents of this craft beer. Taste the different flavors on the Prael Boot.

For every occasion

Do you have a bachelor party? Or maybe a company outing or you just want to do something different with a group of friends? Then a canal cruise with De Prael beers really is an original idea. The beers go well with various snacks. These can be nuts, but also the real Dutch “bitterballen” or more luxurious snacks. Ask us what’s possible. We will be happy to assist you.

Prael beer on our regular canal cruise

You don’t necessarily have to book a private tour. Maybe you want to enjoy a Prael beer on a regular tour with the two of you. That is also possible. Purchase a ticket for the regular canal cruise here and you can order De Prael Amsterdam beer on board from the menu.

de prael canal cruise amsterdam

Some more information

Rain? That doesn’t scare us. The boats have a convertible rooftop that is set up in a few minutes. It is still cozy on board and also dry. So come and join us on the Prael Boat and enjoy with a drink in your hand and and a smile on your face.


Do you have a question or would you like to book this great tour right away? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s create a fun package together!

Send us a message today about your wishes.

de prael canal cruise amsterdam
de prael canal cruise amsterdam

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Eric and Yari were fabulous hosts and were both informative and very funny. Loved it. The hour flew by! Worth every penny for a more personable fun experience! More reviews »

louise w
April 2019

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Just Perfect

What a beautiful trip around the canals of Amsterdam drinking a nice bottle of Rose. Chanise and the pilot (sorry I didn’t ask you’re name) were very informative and I have a few restaurants and bars to visit… Read more »

Februari 2019

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