Canal cruise Amsterdam COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus has a hold on us all. That’s why we had to adjust our working method as a result.

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What about COVID-19?

During the COVID-19 crisis you can still go on a luxury cruise through the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Of course there are some adjustments. For example, a maximum of 17 people can be on the boat. People from one household are allowed to sit together, but the other guests must keep a five feet distance from each other and from other people (including our staff). If you have signs of the virus, unfortunately you cannot join us. Please let us know in time to avoid disappointment.

Private canal cruise Amsterdam

A private canal cruise in Amsterdam is still possible during the COVID-19 crisis. We will pamper you as always … but from a distance. A maximum of 20 people are allowed on a private trip, but at a 5 feet distance, unless you are from the same household. Let us know in time if you have any signs of being sick, so that we can find a solution together.

Precautions on the boat

Our boats will be cleaned after every tour. This has always been the case, but during this COVID-19 period it is a good thing to mention again. Before you board, we will ask if you have any signs of a cold. You will also be requested to record your details, as prescribed by the RIVM rules. Our crew will disinfect your hands and then indicate your place on the boat. After the trip we ask you to stay seated until the captain or host(ess) says you can disembark. This is to avoid not keeping the required distance. If you always follow the instructions of our staff, it will be a pleasant, but above all safe cruise.

What is it you can do?

Arrive on time, so that we have the opportunity to arrange everyone on the boat properly. Stay at home if you have any signs of illness and if that’s the case, please let us know. Keep your distance from other guests and our crew, so that everyone can have a safe and relaxed boat tour. Do you have to cough or sneeze? Please cover your mouth with your elbow. In this way, everyone can enjoy a luxurious cruise through the canals of Amsterdam.

In short

  • max. 17 people on the boat
  • people from 1 household can sit together
  • boats are being well cleaned after each round
  • a cold, fever or short of breath? Then you cannot join us
  • arrive well on time
  • keep a 5 feet distance from our crew and others
  • follow the instructions of our staff
  • write down your details
  • before you go on board, your hands will be disinfected
  • use your elbow when you cough or sneeze
  • After the trip, remain seated until the captain has said you can leave the boat. This will all require some adjustment, but we promise you a safe, pleasant and relaxing trip. Together we experience a COVID-19 proof canal cruise!

It takes some adjustment together, but we promise you a safe, pleasant, relaxed trip. Together we make the cruise corona proof!

Just come and give it a try and experience a cruise through the Amsterdam canals to remember.

canal cruise amsterdam covid-19

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Eric and Yari were fabulous hosts and were both informative and very funny. Loved it. The hour flew by! Worth every penny for a more personable fun experience! More reviews »

louise w
April 2019

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Just Perfect

What a beautiful trip around the canals of Amsterdam drinking a nice bottle of Rose. Chanise and the pilot (sorry I didn’t ask you’re name) were very informative and I have a few restaurants and bars to visit… Read more »

Februari 2019

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