Canal cruise Amsterdam

Experience a luxurious canal cruise Amsterdam by floating in an open boat on the beautiful canals of our capital city. All this, of course, according to the covid guidelines of the RIVM.

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€ 18,00 p.p.

Kids 4-8


€ 9,50 p.p.

Unforgettable Canal Tours

An unforgettable canal cruise through Amsterdam

The boat is electric and has a convertible top, which is set up in minutes. You sit on comfortable lounge cushions and there is a cozy bar in the middle. You can order drinks and/or snacks during the canal cruise. The captain tells you live about everything you see, with a joke here and there. Because that’s how we do it in Amsterdam! To us you are not just a customer … you are our guest. We will make sure that you lack nothing and that you feel like a VIP during the cruise.

Canal cruise Amsterdam

Floating Amsterdam in a nutshell

  • luxurious regular cruise
  • silent electric boat
  • child friendly
  • drinks and snacks can be ordered on board
  • max 15 persons per sloop
  • convertible top in bad weather
  • captain who will tell you interesting stories

What is the price of a Canal Cruise Amsterdam?

The price of our canal cruise through Amsterdam is only for the tour. You can order drinks and / or snacks on board. You pay this at the end of the cruise in cash, by pin or credit card. Children aged 0-3 get to go for free.

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Boarding location and times Floating Amsterdam

The boarding point for our cruise is at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 30a. The pier is in front of De Prael brewery and it is a 4 minute walk from Central Station. This boarding point is both the starting and ending point. Usually someone from our crew is there to meet you and answer any questions.

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How long does a cruise take?

The canal cruise takes about an hour. The duration may vary slightly, as the canals are sometimes filled with boats. Just like on the highway, a traffic jam can also occur in the canals. The only difference is that now you are relaxed, sitting on a lounge cushion with your drink in your hand and you don’t have to worry about anything else.

The Amsterdam canals

The cruise takes you through the Amsterdam canals. The (Nieuwe) Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht are the main canals that have been dug around the Burgwallen. They are part of the canal belt. This dates back to the 17th century and was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010.
During our tour you will see that Amsterdam looks very different if seen from the canals. Enjoy the impressive historic canal houses and all the other beauty that Amsterdam has to offer.

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Floating through Amsterdam in an open boat

A tour in an open boat is a unique experience. You can hear the water lapping against the boat and feel the wind on your face. With a little luck you can sit in the sun with a drink in your hand. Your view is not obstructed by windows or walls and you hear the city sounds in the background. In short, a canal cruise through Amsterdam is best done in an open boat.

What is the best canal cruise in Amsterdam?

It would be a bit strange if we didn’t say that we can offer you the best canal cruise in Amsterdam. Of course ours is the best and here’s why: from the moment you book until you are back on the pier, you will be pampered in every way. A personal approach is our top priority. In addition, our boats are regularly cleaned and maintained in an excellent manner.

In an electric, open boat with lounge cushions and a cozy bar in the middle, you will experience a cruise in optimal luxury. Our crew provides you with drinks, snacks and fun stories about the city. If it starts to rain, the boat can be covered. For an hour you will enjoy luxury, fun and comfort. Just try it…

 tour boat covered with convertible top

Testimonial Foto


Eric and Yari were fabulous hosts and were both informative and very funny. Loved it. The hour flew by! Worth every penny for a more personable fun experience! More reviews »

louise w
April 2019

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Testimonial Foto

Just Perfect

What a beautiful trip around the canals of Amsterdam drinking a nice bottle of Rose. Chanise and the pilot (sorry I didn’t ask you’re name) were very informative and I have a few restaurants and bars to visit… Read more »

Februari 2019

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A canal cruise in the evening

During the beautiful summer days it is also possible to take a cruise through Amsterdam in the evening. The city is calmer and the heat is decreasing somewhat. A perfect time to float through the Amsterdam canals with an open boat. In the evening, the atmosphere in Amsterdam is very different. Come and join us in the evening!

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Is the canal cruise child-friendly?

Our Amsterdam canal cruise is very child-friendly. The boats meet all safety requirements, so that no dangerous situations arise. Children always find the canal cruise through Amsterdam a great experience. They usually also enjoy being able to be captain for a while. It’s not a problem for our “real” captain as long as it is safe. Take a nice picture of your child at the steering wheel to make it an unforgettable day.

No hop on hop off concept

Our Amsterdam canal cruise does not have a hop on hop off concept. Since we offer a luxury tour, we find it chaotic when people keep getting on and off the boat during the tour. That is why we have a boarding point, where you return after a wonderful relaxed canal cruise through Amsterdam. So hop on at our pick-up point and hop off satisfied after the tour.

drinks during the canal cruise in amsterdam

Are there tours in the wintertime?

Our tours take place partly in the wintertime. From the end of November to the end of January we organize tours for the Amsterdam Light Festival. You can view the light artworks of this festival from the open boat. If the weather is really bad, the convertible top will cover the boat. So you can also experience a luxury cruise through Amsterdam in winter.

How about Corona

Following the guidelines of the RIVM regarding the coronavirus covid-19, we have adjusted a few things so that you can enjoy your cruise through Amsterdam safely and relaxed. So feel free to board and join us.

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We’re glad you want to float with us!

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